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Posted on Thu, Dec. 30, 2005

Dillinger death subject of Discovery Channel special

Associated Press

Whether John Dillinger really died outside an old movie house in Chicago is the subject of a Discovery Channel special that seeks an answer to the question using new forensic science technology.

History shows that in 1934, FBI agents gunned down the bank robber outside the theater. Dillinger had earlier escaped from jail in Crown Point where he was awaiting trial on charges that he killed Officer William Patrick O'Malley during a bank robbery in East Chicago.

A Bloomington man who has written about Dillinger and was interviewed for the show, told The Times of Munster for a Thursday story that evidence that Dillinger was not killed by federal agents is intriguing, but is not strong enough.

"I'm thoroughly convinced that the man laying on the slab in the Chicago morgue was John Dillinger," said Tony Stewart, who wrote "Dillinger, The Hidden Truth" and is related to Dillinger's wife, Beryl Ethel Hovious.

According to Dylan Tilley, a co-producer for Morningstar Entertainment in Burbank, the hour-long show Discovery Channel show scheduled to air sometime in January will try to solve some questions about whether or not Dillinger was shot to death and who he was.

Tilley said the special uses a coroner and a forensic expert, among others, to shed light on the legend.

Stewart, who was interviewed for the special in November, said he understands the show will use a laser on a Dillinger death mask - a mold of the outlaw's face made after his death - to determine whether the wrong man was killed in Chicago July 22, 1934.

Less than seven weeks after the robbery, on March 3, Dillinger fled the "escape-proof" Crown Point jail and drove off in Sheriff Lillian Holley's new V-8 Ford. He was gunned down before standing trial.

Some have questioned why Dillinger's autopsy lists the wrong blood type and the wrong color eyes. One theory goes that Dillinger paid a look-alike to go to the theater that night, thinking he'd be arrested, and Dillinger intended to get out of the country.

In 1959 and 1963, a man also wrote to the Little Bohemia lodge in Wisconsin claiming to be Dillinger. The lodge was the site of one of the Dillinger gang's last reunions.

But Stewart said he still believes Dillinger was shot to death in Chicago. He thinks blood could have gotten into Dillinger's eyes, affecting their color, when the bank robber slammed to the ground after being shot.

"There's a lot of mystery," Stewart said. "I love the stories they come up with." End.




A lot of people have been contacting me about The Dillinger Conspiracy program.  I will sure try to get back to everyone, and keep you posted. It should be pretty good program! I will announce the air date and time of the Discovery channel program on John Dillinger as soon as I receive an update from the producer. 
The Dillinger Conspiracy - updated 2/08/06
Saturday, March 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
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Updated 2/08/06
The Dillinger Conspiracy

Saturday, March 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
In the gangster era of the Depression and prohibition, names like Capone, Baby Face Nelson and Bonnie & Clyde dominated the headlines with their crime sprees. Yet no one captured the public imagination like gangster John Dillinger. So why is there so much mystery surrounding his death? Only by applying the best in modern forensic science can we solve The Dillinger Conspiracy. (Genres: Arts & Education, History, Science & Technology)

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The History Channel is working on a new documentary entitled CRIME WAVE due to air sometime in 2006. The program will air in 2006.

I was contacted by Mr. Brian O'Connor, Writer/Producer of Jupiter Entertainment who is presently working on a new documentary entitled "Crime Wave" due to air in 2006 on the History Channel. This film will cover John Dillinger and gangsters of the great depresion era.

The interview took place in my Dillinger museum/office on Nov. 30, 2005. Jupiter Entertainment's goal was to try to transport the viewers back to excitement of the period so short, energetic answers would probably work best.  Also,  adding little anecdotal stories about the individuals or bank robberies that occured in the 1930's. 

History Channel will air the two-hour special
that will profile the Depression era outlaws.   

It is my understanding that my book, Dillinger, The Hidden Truth and the fact that I am a direct descendant of Beryl Hovious (Dillinger's only wife) will be mentioned on the program. 

I participated in an on camera interview discussing the unique and fascinating period in America's gangster era history.  

The project will be the first time a television program documenting this period will be
shot using high definition cameras.  This will enable history channel to re-create a movie like look for this project. 

Check back for latest updates. Thank you.

 By 7ony Stewart

Attention!!! "FILM PRODUCERS, DIRECTORS, PUBLISHERS"...If you need a gangster era consultant for your documentaries, I am available for on camera interviews. I have over 20 years experience of gangsters of the 1920's and 1930's. 

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I am presently working with the Discovery channel on an program entitled "The Dillinger Conspiracy" due to air on December 10, 2005. Don't miss it!  I am also involved with the History channel on a program called "Crime Wave" due to air 2006.

        Mr. Stewart worked as a consultant in the making of several documentary films, including The Real Untouchables Series, by Atlantic Production, which aired April 2000 on The Learning Channel, and IT Happened Here by Principle Films in London. The film aired this fall on The Discovery Channel 2002.

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